Smarter diabetes management

How ALRT works

ALRT uses patient specific data from glucose meters to predict individualized A1C and facilitate timely intervention

  1. 1. Direct meter upload
  2. 2. Predict A1C values and advance therapy
  3. 3. Intervene

Clinically effective

ALRT is clinically effective, with significant drops in A1C in multiple clinical trials. This translates to significant reductions in diabetes related complications.


  • 24

    ALR Technologies Inc. (“ALRT”) Launches ALRT Diabetes Solution in Private Practice Physician Clinics across Singapore

    ALRT Partners with Bionime Corporation to Offer Comprehensive Diabetes Solution at Lower Cost Than Test Supplies Alone Available in Pharmacy Chains

  • 28

    ALRT Diabetes Solution Complements President Trump’s Initiative to Lower Insulin Costs and Drive Better Diabetes Care

    ALRT Diabetes Solution will transform lower insulin costs into improved patient outcomes

  • 27

    ALR Technologies Partners with Centrus Health Clinics to Conduct a Clinical Pilot

    ALRT will demonstrate proof of its remote diabetes patient management concept in partnership with Clinics of Centrus Health Kansas City

Control diabetes and contain costs