Smarter diabetes management

How ALRT works

ALRT uses patient specific data from glucose meters to predict individualized A1C and facilitate timely intervention

  1. 1. Direct meter upload
  2. 2. Predict A1C values and advance therapy
  3. 3. Intervene

Clinically effective

ALRT is clinically effective, with significant drops in A1C in multiple clinical trials. This translates to significant reductions in diabetes related complications.


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    ALR Technologies Partners with Singapore General Hospital to Conduct a Clinical Pilot

    ALRT has signed an agreement with Singapore General Hospital to jointly undertake a novel remote diabetes management pilot to prove the efficacy of the ALRT Diabetes Solution in insulin-treated diabetes patients.

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    ALRT Creates Algorithm to Support Therapy Advancement for Non-Insulin Dependent Diabetes Patients

    ALRT has created an algorithm for advancing medication therapies for patients with non-insulin dependent type 2 diabetes mellitus. The algorithm assists prescribers in making evidence-based medication therapy selections in accordance with the latest clinical practice guidelines set forth by the ADA.

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    ALRT to Integrate with CGM Platforms

    ALRT Diabetes Solution is adding support for continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) systems to the ALRT diabetes management platform. There are currently three commercially available CGM devices: the Dexcom G6® (Dexcom, Inc.), the Freestyle Libre (Abbott Laboratories), and the Guardian™ Connect (Medtronic, Inc.).

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