Smarter diabetes management

How ALRT works

ALRT uses patient specific data from glucose meters to predict individualized A1C and facilitate timely intervention

  1. 1. Direct meter upload
  2. 2. Predict A1C values and advance therapy
  3. 3. Intervene

Clinically effective

ALRT is clinically effective, with significant drops in A1C in multiple clinical trials. This translates to significant reductions in diabetes related complications.


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    ALRT Aims for Dramatic Improvements in the Standard of Care For Diabetes

    The first-line approach to treating newly diagnosed diabetes is to concentrate on self-management through medication and lifestyle. This is successful when patients adhere to care plans. When self-management does not stop the progression of the disease…

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    ALRT Announces Launch of the Integrated ALRT Diabetes Solution

    The Integrated Solution will include ALRT Diabetes Solution software, blood glucose test supplies and diabetes management administered by Centers of Excellence for Diabetes Care

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    ALR Technologies Announces That Its ALRT Diabetes Solution Has Been Developed To An Enterprise-Scale

    The ALRT Diabetes Solution is an enterprise-scale product that allows healthcare systems to implement best practices for diabetes care on large populations of patients - saving lives and money.

Control diabetes and contain costs